Happy Little Family

Could this venue be any cuter?!!! And the family. Oh my.

This sweet trio is so dear to my heart. I had the privilege of knowing Amy, the beauty in the grey dress, as my friend and roommate in college. And as I watched her fall in love with her prince, Jeff, and have a beautiful baby girl, I could see how abundantly she had been blessed. I spend the day with them in the historical town of Oregon City and the light couldn't have been more perfect.

Mandy: Fall beauty

It was such a joy to photograph this gorgeous mother-to-be a few weeks ago. The air was chilly but Mandy was a great sport as we made her go barefoot through the orchard. She has 5 amazing children already and this one, in the oven makes number 6! Their growing family is always smiling, laughing, and just enjoying one another. Every time I'm with them they make me feel right at home. I am so thankful as I reflect on my life this past year. I have made some wonderful new friends, my business has grown, and I have learned to cherish so many new forms of God's glory and beauty. 

Sol + Lindsey

I had the great privilege of meeting these two Seattleites this weekend on the most important day of their lives. Together, we braved the fickle Washington weather, but in the end their day was mostly clear and beautiful. Sol and Lindsey are clearly crazy about each other and they are loved by so many friends and family members, as was apparent by the toasts made that night. They also know how to have fun and dance like no one's watching.