Chelsea + Shon's Garden Engagement

I was driving down to the waterfront to meet Chelsea + Shon one afternoon. The light was perfect, it was a comfortable 73 degrees, I was early, and so excited to meet this couple...but something wasn't right. As I drove over the bridge into downtown Portland, I looked over to where the beautiful cherry blossoms were supposed to be and all I see is green trees!!! I have to admit, I had a small heart attack. Did I have the location wrong? Nope. Where where the pretty pink blooms that had been there just a short week ago?! I parked, walked across the street, and I cannot find any flowers whatsoever. So I call my couple and we agree to meet up and go to the second location. And boy am I so happy we did! We got started a little later than I'd hoped, but as you can see, it was just perfect. If you've never been to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden by Reed College, you need to go see it. And I mean, NOW! before all the flowers have wilted and fallen. You will not be sorry you did. :)